Corner is a neighborhood blog covering Ravenswood, the waterfront area where Long Island City meets Astoria, Queens. Sometimes the site is active, sometimes, less so. It’s a one-man gig. I moved to the area CB1 calls “Ravenswood” in 2015 and instantly wanted to write about the specific details from warehouses to elected officials but wasn’t sure where to place any of it. I found Astoria and LIC had blogs but those either didn’t cover politics, were too politically opinionated, didn’t or hardly cover Ravensood specifically or weren’t “blogs” really but traditional news outlets. As a journalist I’ve written for NYC neighborhood blogs and scoured them for ideas. Each one is different but they always carry the voice of someone, or people, living in that community. And because, ultimately, I enjoy being a part of where I am, that’s what this is about. 

T: @cornerofastoria