NYT: City “Renewal” program failed at P.S. 111 and other notes…


The New York Times highlighted P.S. 111 in upper Long Island City this week as a school Mayor de Blasio’s “Renewal” program has failed to help. The program, launched in 2014, invested millions in the city’s 94 poorest schools. The Times reports that non-public internal documents said in as early as December 2015 that a third of those schools would not likely meet the program’s goals. 

P.S. 111, or the Jacob Blackwell School, between 13th and 21st streets, 38th and 37th avenues, served as the featured school in the story. Only 8 percent of students passed the state’s math exam this year, fewer than before Renewal. Officials considered closing P.S. 111 the last few years. A memo noted that Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, education committee chair, would likely fight the closure. The Times notes city data reports the school is safer than it was when the current principal, Dionne Jaggon, took over in 2014. (Read piece here). 

Other notes…

  • City hosts Sunnyside Yards forum 

I completely regret missing the first of four forums on the Sunnyside Yards development plan hosted by the Economic Development Corporation. (Same agency Scott Stringer recently criticized in LIC recently.) 

Queens Courier:

Attendees suggested that the space be used for affordable housing, open space or a park. But there were also concerns raised about transportation and development as both of those things mean new people arriving to an area already grappling with speedy population growth.”

  • LIC supertower to break billion

Bloomberg reports that Skyline Tower at 23-15 44th Drive, set to be the tallest building in Queens at 67 floors, will also make a record in the borough by totaling an estimated $1.008 billion. 



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