QB bust and other crime news

Police arrested 22 people at the Queensbridge Houses  on Wednesday. The NYPD recovered four firearms along with marijuana, heroin and crack. The bust comes after an 11 month sting called “Operation: the Bridge is Over,” the name of an anti-QB hip-hop diss track from 1987. 

In early 2017 Queensbridge celebrated a straight year with no shootings. That streak was disrupted in May of last year. There have been five shootings in the vicinity, one fatal, since January, sparking the investigation. Also, here’s “The Bridge…” and other crime notes in Astoria and LIC below…

Way up at the northwest corner of Astoria, on 18th Street near 20th Avenue, a middle aged man was found dead, his face bruised and his mouth full of mulch late Wednesday night, possibly connected to a custody battle, police and news reports said. 

Also, you might have heard that after a Florida man, Sandor Szabo, 35, was punched by Queens Plaza last Sunday night, he died Tuesday at Cornell Hospital. Szabo, in town for a wedding, had apparently left a hotel, and for some reason knocked on the window of an SUV. The driver inside the car allegedly punched him once, sending him to the pavement.

Did I forget/miss any interesting crime stories in the LIC/Astoria area? Want to drop an analysis? Comment below.

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