Music venue in Kaufman Arts District liquor license approved by CB1


A music venue billed as a concert hall, recording studio and youth educational-programming space on 35th Street in the Kaufman Arts District survived Community Board 1’s approval process for its liquor license last night. The space is called ARC, and is associated with music blog, DMNDR (somehow, apparently). Some construction has been done on the space at 36-35 35th Street between 36th and 37th avenues (also 36-30 36th Street) apparently in place since 2014* but a liquor license should really turn on the show in this quiet northeast section of Long Island City.

A posse associated with the music venue awaits the vote for its liquor license.

The area is mostly industrial but there are apartment buildings and town houses nearby, so, the CB1 vote was controversial. The obvious points of contention – parking, drunk concert goers, noise, were all raised, but the most amazing complaint was when someone said very seriously, children will be in danger, and a lot of people applauded. Like, no irony? And some people who live nearby pleaded to the board to not approve the license. “Do you guys not like to sleep?” a neighbor asked. “I like to sleep.”

But ARC had its defenders, including a board member who said, “I am so excited,” and “we’re lucky to have them here.” A woman from Sunnyside said it’s important, “to have a place for children to go” and  benefit from the arts. The posse associated with ARC and/or DFNDR put up a fight too. Saxophone player Sam Dylan, an Astoria resident and Juilliard grad said, “This kind of facility… [will] enrich everyone else that’s there… I think this is the type of place that can thrive if everyone can get behind it and not associate jazz with alcohol.”

The representatives of ARC said the place will be sound proof, liquor won’t be served while kids are there and concerts will happen at night after nearby school kids are not passing by anymore.

Update: I have learned, John Belitsky has been using or working on this space since maybe October, last year. ARC is a product or off-shoot of DMNDR. Theater is also part of the space.

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