N/W stations reopen, Hunters Point South Park Phase 2: One sweet week of summer

The N/W stations at 36th and 30th avenues have opened, along with Hunters Point South Park Phase 2, making for one, (almost) perfect week of summer, before the Broadway and 39th Avenue stations shut down on July 2 for eight months. As noted elsewhere, the stations still don’t have elevators. The idea of a shuttle to elevator-stations has been floated. 


I haven’t seen the 30th Ave station yet (or taken the train at either) but did see the funky glass walls at the 36th Ave station. Not sure what they were going for or who designed this.


I did get a chance to ride down to the new section of Hunters Point South Park (phase 2). It’s pretty expansive, and I haven’t gotten a chance yet to explore all the windy trails. Actually it looks like the whole thing isn’t completely open yet really, so I wouldn’t have been able to. Some of the paths are so narrow, I tried going down one on my bike (probably illegal) and saw a baby carriage come ’round the bend, so had to awkwardly turn my whole bike around by lifting it over the high grass. But anyway, perfect spot to bring a friend is at the far south corner where you’ll be perfectly situated between the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center and the Williamsburg Bridge. 




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