Simotas introduces bill to save businesses harmed by subway disruption


One day, I can almost make it out in the distance, the clouds will part, and the N/W stations at 36th and 30th Avenues will reopen and we won’t have to simply stay in our homes all day. But until then, small businesses near these stops say they are suffering. State Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas hears them. She has introduced a bill that would offer the business owners tax credits if they see a 25% loss due to a state or city project.

Of course this made me wonder about the Second Avenue Subway. Efforts were made to protect those businesses from the decade-long construction (longer than our eight months) but all I see is grant proposals that were specific to the area. Simotas’ bill in contrast is wide-reaching, applying to the whole state, presumably forever and would apply to “infrastructure” projects in general, according to Queens Chronicle.
The stations are expected to reopen in June, the month when the 39th Ave and Broadway stations are set to close.

H/T Queens Chronicle.

A few notes:

  • I’m not sure if Humza Deas, the Instagram warrior, is from Astoria, but he apparently spent a lot of time here so let’s include this. In a piece on an upcoming documentary about youth and tech today, Hollywood Reporter says:

“The most compelling of his three subjects is Humza Deas… A kid from the projects in Astoria, Queens, he’s an example of someone who has used Instagram to make art, his urban-explorer photos revealing views of New York City from bridges and high-rise ledges…Deas’ breathtaking images eventually morphed into a brand-making venture, with lucrative assignments for clients including Kanye West.”

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